pledge [plej]
[ME plegge < OFr pleige < ML plegium < plevium, security, warranty, infl. by Frank * pligi, liability; akin to OS plegan, to warrant]
1. the condition of being given or held as security for a contract, payment, etc. [a thing held in pledge]
2. a person or thing given or held as security for the performance of a contract, as a guarantee of faith, etc.; something pawned; hostage
3. a token or earnest
4. a drinking to someone's health to express good will or allegiance; toast
5. a promise or agreement
6. something promised, esp. money to be contributed in regular payments
7. a person undergoing a trial period before formal initiation into a fraternity, sorority, etc.
pledged, pledging
1. to present as security or guarantee, esp. for the repayment of a loan; pawn
2. to drink a toast to
3. to bind by a promise or agreement
4. to promise to give [to pledge allegiance, pledge money to a fund ]
a) to accept tentative membership in (a fraternity, etc.)
b) to accept as a PLEDGE (n. 7)
take the pledge
to take a vow not to drink alcoholic liquor
SYN.- PLEDGE applies to anything given as security for the performance of an act or contract or for the payment of a debt [he gave her a ring as a pledge]; EARNEST2, in current usage, applies to anything given or done as an indication, promise, or assurance of more to follow [her early triumphs are an earnest of her success ]; TOKEN is used of anything serving or given as evidence of authority, genuineness, good faith, etc. [this watch is a token of our gratitude ]; PAWN1 now usually refers to an article left as security for the money lent on it by a pawnbroker; HOSTAGE is applied to a person handed over as a pledge for the fulfillment of certain terms or one seized and kept to force others to comply with demands

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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